Dr. Phil talks with 13-year-old Katherine about her recent fist fight at school, her slipping grades, and her troublesome relationship with a boy.

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Katherine's Story
Katherine talks about her relationship with an ex-boyfriend, and what led up to their slugfest at school. 



"I had so much anger toward him, it felt good to release it all," she says. 



Advice for Marty and Erin
Dr. Phil points out red flags that Katherine is already starting to display, telling Marty and Erin how to prevent her from going down the wrong path.


"You are headed for a train wreck," Dr. Phil tells them.


Defending Her Decisions
Katherine justifies her failing grades, and tries to convince her parents and Dr. Phil that she has changed her ways.




"You don't think I have been trying harder in school?" Katherine questions her parents.



Backstage Pass
After the show, Dr. Phil tells Katherine that having things in her life that she's passionate about will help her keep boys in perspective. Grateful for Dr. Phil's help, Erin tells her daughter, "Katherine, you have the world at your feet sweety. You have no idea what this man is willing to do for you."
Katherine responds, "Sometimes he makes me mad, but he's really cool most of the time."