Is it possible that living a lie is better than experiencing the pain of telling the truth? Can a relationship destroyed by secrets and lies be rebuilt? It's time to separate fact from fiction in your own life.

Kim says the man she loves lies so much that she's ready to leave him " unless they can restore the trust in their relationship.



Rachel says her husband's half-truths are destroying her trust in him. Is he a liar or just forgetful and absent-minded?



Is it OK to lie for your kids' sake? After being divorced for two years, Wendy has still not told her young children the truth.



"Josie" calls in to ask Dr. Phil if she should tell her husband of 19 years that she doesn't love him, or continue to live a lie.



Shannon says lies destroyed her reputation in high school. Now she doesn't know how to get over it and learn to trust anyone.

View their stories and Dr. Phil's response.