These guests turn to Dr. Phil for help dealing with violence, alcohol, sex and other parenting issues.


Violent Behavior
Kristine worries about her 9-year-old son because he tortures the family dog and recently killed his pet hamster. We put cameras in their home to see what was going on.

"I find it shocking and appalling what you are doing to this child," Dr. Phil tells the family. 

Sex, Drugs and More
Ann lets her 13-year-old daughter smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol at home. Ann recently found out that her daughter is smoking pot and having oral sex with an 18-year-old.


"She's going to wind up pregnant in a fast hurry if you don't stop this," Dr. Phil tells Ann.

Family Bed
Mark and Margie share their bed with their 16-month-old son. Mark thinks they are creating an unhealthy situation, but Margie disagrees.

"I think it can be very disruptive to the relationship of a husband and wife," Dr. Phil says.

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Dr. Phil speaks with the audience after the show, and gives them a chance to comment. He shares a personal story he's never forgotten about what it means to know that your parents care.

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