Bullying is in every neighborhood and every school across America. Dr. Phil gives advice on how your child can avoid falling prey to bullies.

School Bus Beating
Twelve-year-old Si'Mone was pummeled by seven boys as he rode home on a school bus. As a result of the fight, Si'Mone suffered soft tissue damage and cervical strain. "I don't get how they can be so cruel hearted," he says.

Dr. Phil's surprise for Si'Mone.



Beaten Unconscious
When Debra sent her 13-year-old daughter, Lauren, to school on the bus, she never expected her to end up in the hospital. Lauren was beaten unconscious on the bus by a female student, and the entire attack was caught on tape.

"Lauren is not the same," says Debra.



Fighting Back
"My mom always told me if someone hits me, I'm supposed to hit them back," says Dwana, the 16-year-old student who beat up Lauren. She says, "I don't feel I did anything wrong."


Dwana's story.



Turning the Tables
Keith was once bullied, but now he terrorizes other kids at his school. His mother, Joyce, says, "I don't want him to think he has to be a big, bad, terrible person."

Dr. Phil's advice to Keith.

See how Keith's doing now.


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