Whether it's the pain of not being able to conceive or different views about how to be a good parent, there are many issues that can divide a marriage when it comes to children. Dr. Phil helps these guests resolve their biggest fears.

The Price of Parenthood
Lesley, who's had trouble conceiving, is at odds with her husband about another in vitro fertilization attempt. "Jeff spent $20,000 on a car; now he doesn't want to spend $20,000 on a baby," she says.

Dr. Phil has a life-changing surprise.



Potty Mouth
Stacia thought her 13-month-old son was saying "shoe," but he was actually using another S-word. She wonders if Dr. Phil can help her baby stop cursing.

Dr. Phil's advice to Stacia.



Divided over Medical Care
Kristin says when it comes to her 14-month-old daughter, Isabel's, health, the doctor always knows best. Her husband, Jimmy, disagrees, so much so that she has to sneak medication to the baby! 

When does a baby really need a doctor?



Identity Crisis
Jennifer recently gave birth to sextuplets, and she's worried that the children will have trouble preserving their individuality as they grow older.

Dr. Phil's advice to Jennifer.



A Labor of Love?
Jennifer's husband, Dave, says he wants eight kids, but Jennifer is scared to death of labor pain — she even squirms when watching childbirth videos.



Is it a phobia, or is she not ready?


Harvey Karp, MD
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