Alex's Dating and Birth Control

It's time to face the realities of Alex and sex. Alex is already a mother at 15, and she is still not on birth control. She continues to be at odds with her family over the decisions she makes.

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The Family Fight
Alex defends her right to date again, and Marty asks her new love interest some tough questions.


Meet the boy Alex wants to date.



"I Just Want to Be Cautious"
Alex says she wants to be on birth control " even though she doesn't plan on being sexually active.


See Dr. Phil's opinion on birth control.


Truth and Honesty
Dr. Phil asks Alex how honest she has been with her parents about boys and sex. "I don't think you're being honest with them. I don't think you're telling them everything that's going on here," Dr. Phil says to Alex.

Is Alex telling her parents everything?

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