Dr. Phil checks in with the teens who have been losing weight and gaining confidence by following the plan in Jay's new book, The Ultimate Weight Solution For Teens.


Inspirational Teens
By joining the Weight Loss Challenge from home, 16-year-old Andrew has lost 102 pounds! Also, meet Jenee, who's 80 pounds lighter, and Caitlin, who's dropped 40 pounds in a month and a half.


Find out how they did it.


Dr. Phil and Jay check in with these Challengers.

What About Fast Food?
There are healthy alternatives at the drive-thru! J.J. Virgin gives the teens a crash course in the dos and don'ts of eating on the go.

What you should order.


Key Six: Intentional Exercise
Personal trainer Robert Reames shows the teens some new moves to maximize their results.

Take a look.


Stacy has lost 20 pounds by following Jay's keys. But she doesn't see a change in her body, and worries if she'll always feel ugly.


Dr. Phil and Jay have advice.