About 10 weeks ago, Dr. Phil told you that if you followed his Rapid Start Plan in The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide, you'd jumpstart your weight loss and lose 20 to 30 pounds by now. He checks back in to see the results.

A Beverly Hills Makeover
All of the Booty Campers have shed pounds, so with Robin's help, Dr. Phil gives them a treat.

A Rodeo Drive surprise.


See the results of their hard work and their day of glamour.



What Should You Eat?
Linda, who's been following the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge from home, used the Rapid Start program to get past her plateau.




You won't go hungry. 



Three generations of women followed Dr. Phil's program and supported each other along the way.




Dr. Phil rewards them.



Start changing your life today! Read The Ultimate Weight Solution and The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide and master the keys to weight loss success.


Plus, Robert Reames has Eight Tips To Get In Shape By Summer, and J.J. Virgin has nutrition advice.

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