Dr. Phil's staff gets a chance to have their questions answered " his thoughts on night terrors, dating in the workplace, gift giving and more. Plus, surprise makeovers from Robin!

New Mommy Nightmares
Kandi is a new mother who's having some disturbing recurring nightmares. 



How can she stop them?


Surprise Makeovers
Robin assembles the makeover team for a staff member's transformation. Plus, a makeover for Dr. Phil! 


See Robin's surprises.



Baffled Ballerina
Shana is a professional ballerina who's a "klutz" when she's not on stage. 




What's Dr. Phil's theory?



Signs of Affection
Leisa, who works on the show, has one issue to work out with her fiancé before walking down the aisle.




Can they see eye to eye?



Office Dating
Justin is interested in dating one of his Dr. Phil co-workers, but first wants to make sure it's OK with his boss.



What does Dr. Phil think?



Audience Q & A
After the show, Dr. Phil and Robin answer some questions from the audience.



What you didn't see.

Extra Content