Like alcohol and drugs, food can have a powerful hold on people " to the point where it threatens their lives. Dr. Phil intervenes to help his guests, their families and loved ones.


Desperate for a Lifeline
John weighs about 800 pounds and hasn't moved from his couch in five months. "I feel like I live in hell," he says. His fiancé and children fear for his life.


"It's not too late," Dr. Phil assures John.

See John's progress.

A tragic loss.



More Than Genetics
An entire family has been eating poorly and packing on the pounds for generations. One of them says it's time to stop the overeating and get everyone healthy.


Dr. Phil helps them change their habits.



Food and Friendship
Anne is so addicted to eating that even gastric bypass surgery couldn't stop her from packing on the pounds. Her best friend, Carroll, wants to help.


Dr. Phil resorts to drastic measures.


Dr. Phil's Tip of the Day