Today's guests are living proof that girls can get down and dirty with each other! Dr. Phil has advice for how to survive rumors, gossip, cliques and all the underhanded nastiness that goes along with being a teenage girl.

The Movie
In the movie Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan plays the new girl in school who gets caught up with the "popular girls" and their mean and conniving ways.

Was Lindsay a mean girl?



"The Fab Four"
Amanda, Julia, Terri and Jessica, are best friends and are considered the "popular girls." They share secrets and clothes, and set the trends for the rest of the school. But are they also mean?

Meet the "Fab Four."



The Other Girls
Rayanne, Crystal, Laura and Chantelle go to high school with the "Fab Four," and say they're not so fab at all because they gossip, are mean, and think they are better than everyone else.

See what the other side has to say.


The Discussion
Rosalind Wiseman, author of the book that inspired the film Mean Girls, gives her opinion for how they can work out their issues.

Will they come to an agreement?

Extra Content

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