There's no question that parents can make "bloopers" when it comes to raising their kids. Dr. Phil steps in to help.

"Naked Bandit"
Jamie and Spencer's 2-year-old son never wants to keep his clothes on. He also isn't potty trained and just goes to the bathroom wherever he wants.


"How do I discipline him?" Jamie asks.

Did Dr. Phil's advice work? 



Breaking the Bank
Laura wants her children to have "the best in life," so she constantly buys them toys and spends money on them. Her husband Robert worries she is spending the family into the poor house.


The dangers of spoiling a child.



Basketball Whiz Kid
Adrienne's 9-year-old son is a basketball star, but he's gotten too big for his britches. He has failing grades, talks back to teachers and coaches, and has been suspended from school many times. 


See the special message from two NBA stars.

See Justin's new attitude.


The Birds and the Bees
A 4-year-old girl turns to Dr. Phil for help getting her toys back. Also, how a video playing on a car TV led one mom to a birds-and-bees conversation with her 5-year-old daughter.



See Dr. Phil's advice

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