After being pushed to his limit, Dr. Phil decided to end his work with Stacy and her family " unless she could convince him otherwise. The family's backstage discussion reveals their fate.

Get caught up with the "Family in Crisis" series.


Dr. Phil's Decision
Dr. Phil calls Stacy "amazingly ungrateful," and "condescending." Does their power struggle end with Stacy leaving the show or will she let her guard down and commit to the process?


An emotional backstage conversation.


An Attitude Adjustment
On the drive from the studio to the airport, Stacy reflects, "I regret that I'm so damn stubborn ... I miss out on things because of my stupid attitude."


Has Stacy changed?


Learning to Trust
Chris' e-mail to another woman left Stacy in tears. What's really behind her issues with trust?

Dr. Phil reveals Stacy's painful past.

Dr. Phil Backstage
After Dr. Phil brings up a traumatic event from Stacy's past, the family meets backstage in the green room to share their feelings and comfort each other.



"I just want to protect her," Chris says.