Stacy pleaded to continue working with Dr. Phil, and promised to change her attitude. She and Chris are both trying to meet their daily goals for improving their relationship, and Dr. Phil shares one concept that he thinks can save their marriage.

Get caught up with the "Family in Crisis" series.

Money Matters
Chris and Stacy's relationship is on the road to recovery, but financial problems are still threatening their marriage.

Chris finds a new job.

An Important Assignment
Chris and Stacy were assigned goals to improve their marriage, but Stacy was having trouble achieving hers. Dr. Phil tells the couple to get back to the basics in their relationship.


How to communicate with emotional integrity.

A Father Figure?
Chris believes that he's making progress in his relationship with his stepdaughter Brianne, so why does she still feel like he's not an authority figure?

Dr. Phil's advice to them.

Hope for Michael
Chris and Stacy recently visited 12-year-old Michael at Happy Hill Farm, a school for at-risk children. "It's increased my hope not only for Michael, but for our whole family," Stacy says.


Take a look at their visit. Exclusive
After the show, a viewer makes a comment about the family that touches Brianne, and Chris gets candid about his relationship with Stacy.


What you didn't see on the show.