From a woman who's addicted to shopping to a man who'd rather hunt for pennies than have sex with his wife, Dr. Phil has advice for coping with a loved one's embarrassing, shocking or bizarre behaviors.

Obsessed with Shopping
Linda's house is so cluttered from all she's bought and hoarded that she can no longer live there. Her son, Lance, asks for Dr. Phil's help before Linda's extreme behavior destroys the family.



"I'm afraid of changing," says Linda.



Cross-Dressing Boyfriend
Emery is a plumber by day and a cross-dresser by night. His girlfriend, Vikki, dreams of being married, but says, "I don't want my children seeing dad dressed as a woman."


Does Dr. Phil think they should tie the knot?



Metal Detecting Addiction
Janene says her husband, Arvine, is so busy searching for "junk" with his metal detector that they barely have a sex life. "I think about having an affair," she says.


What is Arvine searching for?

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