Dr. Phil talks to mistresses and married men to shed light on why men cheat and what goes on inside the mind of "the other woman."

In Love with a Married Man
When Anna first met Phillip, he said he was separated. Now he's back with his wife, but Anna says she's too in love to end it.


"You aren't welcome and you don't belong," Dr. Phil tells Anna.


Lost the Trust
Shalon's husband Craig cheated on her for at least half of their marriage. He wants forgiveness, but she's having trouble mending the hurt.





"If you hadn't been caught, would you still be doing it?" Dr. Phil asks Craig.


Longing for a Normal Relationship
Lisa, 41, has had relationships with married men. She doesn't understand why she does this and thinks she's going to grow old alone.




"I feel like I'm a lost cause," says Lisa.


DrPhil.com Exclusive
Dr. Phil comes back out on stage after the show to continue his talk with Lisa.






"It is not too late."