Meet some remarkable people who embraced the advice Dr. Phil gave to other guests and used it to change their own lives.

No More Bickering
Missy was a right-fighter who says Tammy and Troy's explosive arguments during a taping of "The Bickersons" helped turn her life and her marriage around.

"I'm definitely a changed wife," she says.


Off the Weight Loss Rollercoaster
At 320 pounds, Care was struggling to lose weight. But after hearing Dr. Phil's weight loss advice, she was motivated to lose nearly 20 pounds in seven weeks.


Find out how she did it.


"I'm Afraid I'm Going to Die"
Meg, 20, has been battling anorexia for seven years. Dr. Phil's intervention with Brandon helped get her on the road to recovery.  


Dr. Phil's surprise for Meg.

See how Meg is doing today.



Inspired By a Bully
As a middle class teacher-to-be in the inner city, Thayer was terrified of facing her minority students. But seeing Dwana, a high school bully, on a recent show gave her the courage to reconnect.


Dr. Phil's advice to Thayer. 


Still a Drill Sergeant?
Becky called her husband John a drill sergeant dad because he ran his household like the military, and terrified his stepdaughter.

See John today.