Can Erin ever trust her husband again? Is she ready to walk away from their 18-year marriage? Dr. Phil talks to the family to see if they can move past Marty's confession.

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Erin's Reaction
Erin, Alexandra and Katherine leave Marty behind and head for the airport. "I don't want him coming home," Erin says. 


Marty defends himself.



A Tough Decision

Dr. Phil talks with Erin and the girls to see if they will allow Marty back in the house. "I think I'm done," Erin says.



Dr. Phil's resolution.



An "Amnesty Meeting"
Erin and Marty talk with Dr. Phil to decide the fate of their marriage. During their emotional discussion, Marty reveals another secret. 



What else is Marty hiding?  



Marty's Homecoming
Dr. Phil talks to the family to find out if Marty is making progress.





Katherine is unforgiving.
After the show, the audience gets the chance to ask Dr. Phil questions about Erin and Marty's relationship.  




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