Half of all Americans have been through or will go through a divorce. Dr. Phil captures every moment of an emotionally charged divorce, as he tries to help John and Amy build a new relationship for the sake of their children.
See what happened on the first show.


After the First Show
Emotions ran high at the end of the first taping. John and Amy both felt they looked like the bad guy.



"I felt humiliated about the tapes," Amy says.


Strategy Meetings
John and Amy meet with their attorneys to strategize about dividing possessions. Amy's confrontation with her lawyer leads to her taking drastic measures.



See Amy's surprise decision.



Negotiating Possessions
Amy, John and their attorneys had a 13-hour pre-trial meeting to decide who gets the house, the jewelry, alimony and the smaller items.




Can they reach an agreement?


Moving Forward
Dr. Phil wants John and Amy to realize that the children are the real victims in this divorce, and he offers advice to help them move forward in starting a new relationship.



"I'm on the kids' side," Dr. Phil tells them.


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