The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge may have ended, but it's never too late for you to start shedding the pounds. Dr. Phil features some of his weight loss success stories, and he offers a new tool to help with your weight loss efforts - his long-awaited Ultimate Weight Solution Cookbook.

Click here to view some of Robin's favorite recipes from the cookbook, or get your own copy.

Eating His Way to Success
D'Ambrose lost 85 pounds since reading The Ultimate Weight Solution. "My eating habits have changed dramatically," he says.

Dr. Phil's celebrity surprise for D'Ambrose.



Weight Loss Worries
Just when Jennifer started losing her pregnancy weight, she found out that she was expecting again. She asks, is it safe to diet while pregnant?


Dr. Phil's advice to Jennifer.


Overly Sweet Spouse?
Jan has gained 140 pounds since her wedding 14 years ago. She says that her husband Tim hurts her weight loss efforts by bringing her ice cream and Little Debbie's snack cakes every day.


"I definitely enable her," Tim admits.

Are they still sabotaging each other?



Substituting Addictions
Kenny gained 40 pounds since he stopped smoking two years ago. His wife Tracie is helping him to pack on the pounds because she would rather have him "fat and happy" so he won't feel the urge to smoke.


Dr. Phil sets them straight.


In the McGraw's Kitchen
Allison has been following Dr. Phil's program, but still feels uncomfortable preparing her own meals. Dr. Phil assures her that she can eat healthy with recipes from his cookbook.

Robin prepares recipes from the cookbook.



Sugar Blues
Sherita is so addicted to sugar that she buys five pounds of it weekly and eats it right out of the bag! "I'm fidgety when I'm not eating it," she admits.


JJ Virgin's advice on taming a sweet tooth.



On-Air Wonder
Garret, a TV weatherman, used to consider himself an on-air blunder. When he last appeared on the show, he lost 50 pounds, but told Dr. Phil that he was going to get a "six pack." 


Did Garret's forecast come true?


Back on Her Feet
Susan was confined to a wheelchair for eight years. Since reading The Ultimate Weight Solution, she's shed 97 pounds ... and her wheelchair!


"It's a totally new lifestyle," she says.


Walking the Walk
Mike lost 100 pounds since appearing on the show, and says he was so motivated by Dr. Phil and the Weight Loss Challenge, that he started his own support group.


"It was time to share my journey," says Mike.

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