"Opinions are like butts; everybody's got one," Dr. Phil's dad used to say. Today, viewers get the chance to tell Dr. Phil their opinion and take him on!

Susie says Dr. Phil's relationship advice really ticks her off. She wants Dr. Phil to ease off the women and start coming down harder on the men.



What does Susie suggest?


"You parade all these train wreck marriages on your show," Richard says to Dr. Phil. He wants to see a "normal," happy family on the show.




"Give us a real relationship."



Dena wants Dr. Phil to say "You're fired" to one of the spouses in the Dr. Phil Family series. "They're wasting your time, my time and America's time," she says.


"You're being manipulated."


Tammy disagrees with Dr. Phil's advice about Alex and birth control. She says he is ignoring the biggest problem when it comes to teens and sex.



 What is Tammy's gripe?


Carrie says that Dr. Phil's definition of a hero when it comes to adoption is incorrect, and she wants him to acknowledge the true heroes.

Who are the real heroes?


Recently there has been talk about Robin getting her own show. She sets the record straight saying, "It's just not true at all. It's another example of lies being printed to sell a paper." She says that she is asked about it all the time. "I never asked for one. I've never been offered one. It's not anything I've considered," she says. Plus, she already has a job... dressing Dr. Phil every day!

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