Getting to the Truth

Six couples on the verge of divorce continue their work with Dr. Phil in a two-day workshop to save their marriages. It's time to stop the destruction and start reconnecting.

Ask yourself: Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? Dr. Phil says, "You just can't be right all the time without being lonely most of the time."

Get to know all of the couples.

Dr. Phil separates the couples and leads them through exercises where they confront the choices they've made. What has caused their marriages to stop being loving unions and become emotionally barren and hostile battlefields?

Vinnie and Donna address infidelity, disrespect, and lack of trust.



Their chances for success.


Mike and Kimberly address their issues of forgiveness, loneliness and division of labor.



"It's all about choices."


Dr. Phil confronts Eric and Jennifer about his past and her need to always be right.


A difficult first year of marriage.

Each couple is then asked to pair up with any other couple, and the same-sex partners face each other as Dr. Phil's questions continue.

Dr. Phil thinks Gelsy is not being accountable for her contribution to her troubled marriage with Rene. 

What is she hiding behind?


Dr. Phil confronts Rob and Deanna about one of their problems, and points out the coincidence of who Rob's "buddy" is.

See their interaction.



Dr. Phil confronts Nora about her infidelity, and questions why she and Paul are still together.

Will this couple get real?

At the end of the first day of the Retreat, the same-sex buddies share a hotel room, and everyone completes their homework in preparation for day two. Exclusive
When Dr. Phil returns to the stage after the show, the audience gives their feedback.



What you didn't see.