Dr. Phil talks to guests who say their kids are so violent that they fear for their own safety. Find out how to deal with an aggressive child and how to keep your chaotic household from getting out of control.

Problem Child
"My 11-year-old son Paul truly frightens me," says Cheryl. Paul has chased his great grandmother with a bat, and terrifies the family. "I worry that he could kill me in my sleep," says Paul's stepdad Craig. 


What's contributing to Paul's behavior? 



"I Feel Like a Volcano"
Nine-year-old Halyn punched and kicked her pregnant mom, who tries to hide Halyn's violent rages from her husband.


Dr. Phil's advice to the couple. 



Hostile Sister
Four years ago, Marissa became the legal guardian of her 16-year-old sister Kristen. Because of Kristen's violence and volatile temper, Marissa feels terrorized.


Marissa and Kristen face off.