As Chris and Stacy struggle to save their six-year marriage, Dr. Phil is on hand to help move them in the right direction. "I'm going to start telling you today, with great specificity, what I think is wrong here and what I think you need to do to fix it," he says.

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Moving Forward
Chris and Stacy are working hard on their relationship, but even a family day at the park turns into a fight. Stacy comes to terms with her personal demons while they complete their homework assignment.

Can they leave their past behind?



Fear of Infidelity
Stacy wants to take their marriage to the next level in the eyes of the Mormon Church, but Chris refuses. He fears Stacy could cheat again, and he has his own secret.

What is Chris holding back?



The Sin Box
Stacy gives Dr. Phil her sealed "sin box," making it clear that the secret contents are for his eyes only. "To me it represents every bit of my vulnerabilities," she explains.

"Everything in here is a choice," Dr. Phil says.
After the show, an audience member asks Chris a question that is on many people's minds.

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