Dr. Phil's purpose in sending Alex to the Cayman Islands was so she could focus on marine biology " not boys. But a couple days into the trip, she gets distracted.

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Just a Boy Hunt?
Alex went on a diving trip, but the emotional waters were churning when she wandered off with a boy. She denies any wrongdoing. "My mom doesn't trust me," she says. "That's what makes it hurt."

"Are you obsessed with boys?" Dr. Phil asks.



"You Act Like a Slut!"
Once Erin and the girls return to their hotel room, Erin flies into a rage with Alex. "You are making such stupid, asinine choices!" Erin says.



"You thrive on crisis," Dr. Phil tells Erin.



Alex's Passion
Although their trip started off rocky, Alex and Katherine were still able to enjoy the islands, while Marty stayed home with 6-month-old Nathan.


Alex's first dive.



Katherine Sounds Off
Marty sees progress in his relationship with Katherine. So why does she still feel neglected?


Marty's in the hotseat.


Baby Nathan
Nathan, Alex's 6-month-old son, is brought out on stage. Take a look at how he's grown.

Nathan steals the show.


DrPhil.com Exclusive
After the show, the audience gets the chance to ask Dr. Phil questions. 


What you didn't see on the show.

Extra Content

  • Dr. Tom Burns, Cayman Marine Lab
  • Diver's Supply, Jacksonville, Florida
  • The Cayman Islands' Department of Tourism
  • Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman Pampered Ponies, Inc.