Dr. Phil checks back in with guests who were caught up in the vicious cycle of fighting. Have they put Dr. Phil's advice into action and have things changed?

Still Fighting?
Troy and Tammy's four-year marriage has been filled with yelling and screaming. Their explosive fighting has led them to some extreme measures.



See their appearance on "The Buttinskys."

Find out what happened on "The Bickersons."

Update: How are they doing now?



Family Feuds
Colleen was worried her children's violent behavior would result in fatal consequences. They have met with a therapist to help them on the road to peace.


See their appearance on "The Bickersons."

Update: Did Colleen follow Dr. Phil's advice?



DrPhil.com Exclusive
An audience member gets a chance to ask Dr. Phil a question.





What you didn't see on the show.



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