Self-Defeating Games

Six couples on the verge of divorce continue their work with Dr. Phil to save their marriages. For some of the couples, it's the first time they've ever been totally honest with their partners.

"In every person's life there is a point in time in which everything wrong can be made right. You have a second chance," Dr. Phil tells them.

Get to know all of the couples.

Imagine having your spouse's undivided attention as you share your needs.



The couples get that chance.



Rene is a well-practiced finger pointer when it comes to his wife, Gelsy, but has difficulty looking at his own shortcomings.



Will he change his attitude? 



Dr. Phil explains the self-defeating games that many couples play. Vinnie and Donna address their own, and Donna tells Vinnie exactly how she feels about his affair.



Does Vinnie feel remorse?



Kimberly says she wants Mike to be there for her, but at the same time, she admits she deliberately pushes him away.



Why does she punish him?

In the most powerful exercise yet, Dr. Phil prepares the couples to see the pain they've caused their partners.




See their wake-up call. Exclusive
Dr. Phil returns to the stage after the show with some additional words for Rene and Gelsy.



What you didn't see.