Six couples on the verge of divorce continue their work with Dr. Phil to save their marriages. The participants acknowledge their wrongdoing, and ask for their partners' forgiveness.

"Forgiveness is a choice," Dr. Phil tells them. "Don't stand there and wait for some miracle to wash away the anger and bitterness and the hurt."


Get caught up with all of the couples.

Guilt and Shame
Dr. Phil guides the couples through an exercise to get past the feelings that hold them prisoner.



What are they ashamed of?


Living With Bitterness
Donna can't get over Vinnie's affair. Dr. Phil explains why she won't let it go, and Vinnie asks for forgiveness.




Can Donna forgive Vinnie?


Vinnie and Donna Check In
Since the retreat, things have not been going well for Vinnie and Donna.




See Dr. Phil's solution.



Choosing Forgiveness
Paul confronts his pain and anger at Nora for her affair, and with the help of all the couples, chooses to forgive.



See their breakthrough.


Paul and Nora Check In
Things are better for Paul and Nora, but Dr. Phil tells them that their work has just begun.



Why is Dr. Phil concerned? Exclusive
Dr. Phil returns to the stage after the show with some additional words for Donna.



What you didn't see.