Parental Legacy

Six couples on the verge of divorce take a hard look at their past to see what they learned from their parents that may be contaminating their marriages.

"Maya Angelou said it very well," Dr. Phil tells them. "She said, 'You did what you knew how to do. And when you knew better, you did better.' Every one of you knows a lot better right now. It's your job to do better."

See the work they've done so far.

Parental Legacy Exercise
The couples explore their relationships with each of their parents because what they grew up with affects their marriages.  



What did they inherit?


Eric and Jennifer
Eric faces the pain from his childhood, and begins a new journey with his father. How will this affect his marriage?



Making peace with his past.


Rob and Deanna
Dr. Phil helps Rob and Deanna realize what each of them needs to fix about themselves before they can mend their relationship. 



How are they progressing?



Paul and Nora
Nora reveals her painful parental legacy, and wants to know what she can do about it now.


Breaking the cycle.

Rene and Gelsy
Never before had Rene and Gelsy discussed their own childhoods with each other. What are they passing on to their children?



Making a life decision.



The Hard Work Begins at Home
The participants reveal what they really want in their lives and in their marriages and how they're going to make a fresh start.


Their inspirational goals.