Six couples who were on the verge of divorce share what they've learned from the Relationship Rescue Retreat and how they've been making daily changes in their marriages since Dr. Phil's workshop.

"I cannot tell you how much you have taught and inspired everyone in America," Dr. Phil tells them. "And we appreciate that."


Follow each couple's progress.

"Like Teenagers Again"
Mike and Kimberly's marriage has gone from destructive to "phenomenal," and has changed the way they look at everything, including each other.  


See this new family.


First Anniversary
With Dr. Phil's help, Eric and Jennifer made it to their first anniversary and now look forward to "many more years of bliss."

An inner peace.



"On the Right Track"
Rene and Gelsy are now working hard to make each other happy. There's a change in attitude, and a feeling of partnership.  


Looking to the future.



"A Bumpy Road"
Vinnie and Donna have made some changes in their marriage, but are still struggling to leave the past behind.


Dr. Phil tries again.



Being Accountable
Paul and Nora are both getting anger management counseling and learning to be accountable to themselves.  


They see a happy future.


"Best Friends Again"
'Rob and Deanna have stopped fighting in front of the kids and have started having fun, and more sex!



A brand new family.



The Last Assignment
In a moving tribute to their marriages, the couples write a marriage covenant to define their future.


Dr. Phil rewards the couples.


Robin and Dr. Phil's Experience
Robin shares with the couples how she and Dr. Phil make their marriage work.



Going strong for 31 years.