Who Won't Make It?

The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge is almost over, and together the 13 participants have lost almost 1,000 pounds! Find out who needs a kick in the butt and who won't make it to the finish line. Also, amazing success stories, including Dr. Phil's own family.

A Lifestyle Change
"I've lost a person and a half," says 19-year-old Danielle, who shed 170 pounds following Dr. Phil's program.


Dr. Phil's surprise guest for Danielle.


John's Progress
John weighed 800 pounds and couldn't get off his couch. After Dr. Phil's weight intervention, John has a new lease on life.

John's good news.  

A tragic loss.


Alex Rides Again
At 210 pounds, 13-year-old Alex couldn't get on his horse. Since following Dr. Phil's program, he's lost 52 pounds.

Alex's family gets with the program.


Teen Challenge
Jay and Dr. Phil check back in with Whitney, Jael, Jonathon and Stacy from the Teen Weight Loss Challenge.

Have the Teen Challengers met their goals?


Dr. Phil's Sisters
Dr. Phil's sisters Deana and Brenda have both made strides by following the 7 Keys.

See how far they've come.



Tony's Bad News
Dr. Phil's 468-pound nephew, Tony, had lost 74 pounds by following The Ultimate Weight Solution. Then life threw him a nasty curve ball.

"I've got too much to live for." 


Did Terri's Luck Run Out?
Known as "Lucky #13," Terri worked hard to become a Weight Loss Challenge superstar. Now Dr. Phil gives her an earful about not losing more weight.


Dr. Phil's one-on-one with Terri.


The Final Cut
Challengers Ann Marie, Angela, Sarah and Marilyn are in danger of not reaching their weight loss goals. Dr. Phil sits down with them to find out why.


Who won't be back for the finale?

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