And the winner is ... JIM!

Thousands of you who voted in our online poll agree with Dr. Phil that Jim is the ultimate winner! See why his life will never again be the same, and celebrate the success of nine other Challengers whose wildest dreams are coming true.

He's lost 134 pounds, and his shirt size went from a XXXXL to a large.




Getting his acting career started!



She's lost 55 pounds, gone from a size 18 to a 6, and had an "Extreme Makeover."


See how Monika looks now!



He's dropped 98 pounds, has a new outlook and a rock n' roll look.



Making his dreams come true. 


Losing 60 pounds and mastering the keys has made Kim a happier person.



A new place to relax and play.



She's lost 60.5 pounds, is a size 14 down from a 22, and gave up her Doritos.




Celebrity surprises for the "diva."



Now 66.5 pounds lighter, and a size 14 down from 24, Barbara is finally living.




She's ready for the runway.



She's lost 66 pounds, dropped 10 sizes, and turned her life around.



Her dream trip across the globe.



This former Marine lost 43 pounds and 10 inches around his waist.



The honeymoon he never had.


She's lost 87 pounds. "I believe in myself more. I love myself," says AnnMarie.



She's ready to go back to school.



Despite tough times at home, Terri lost 59 pounds and dropped 10 dress sizes.


Help for Terri and her ailing mom.

Dr. Phil has not given up on Marilyn, Sarah and Angela. Although they are not part of the finale, he will continue working with them, helping them reach their weight loss goals.



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