It's been nearly a year since Dr. Phil first met Erin, Marty, Alexandra and Katherine. Take a look at how far they've come and where they're headed.

Get caught up with this Dr. Phil Family.

"A Total Miracle"
When Alexandra was making her decision about whether she would raise her child, she met with several adoptive couples. Find out how being on the show helped all of the couples in their quest to become parents.

See how their families have grown. 



Alex and Sex
Has Alex, who first had sex when she was 14, changed her ways? Dr. Phil gets real with her about promiscuity. 


"Are you trustworthy?" Dr. Phil asks.  



Katherine's Journey
Thirteen-year-old Katherine has had quite a year " from wanting to be adopted out of her family to being involved in a slugfest at her school.  



Find out what surprise Dr. Phil has for Katherine.



Will Marty and Erin Divorce?
One of the biggest challenges the family faces is Marty and Erin's tumultuous marriage. Dr. Phil finds out if there's still hope for the couple.

Erin says she's given it her all.



Moving Forward
The Dr. Phil Family received a lot of advice and intervention, but they also gave a lot to America. Dr. Phil asks if they think that it's been worth the journey.

Dr. Phil's summer plan for the family.

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