What Does the Future Hold?

It's been a rollercoaster ride since day one with Chris and Stacy. Dr. Phil finds out if they've made progress with their marriage, and if Chris has closed the gap with stepdaughter Brianne.

Get caught up with the "Family in Crisis" series.

Chris and Stacy
Chris' emotions come to the surface and get the best of him. Then, their marriage is put to the test as they complete Dr. Phil's homework assignment.

"Chris has not forgiven me," says Stacy.


Family Time
Chris and Brianne spend a special day together to work on their relationship, and then the whole family reunites for a day of fun.

"It's been fun watching them smile," says Stacy.


Moving Forward
Stacy and Brianne plan to visit Bohdan on his first birthday, much to Chris' dismay. Also, Chris and Stacy plan for their new baby's arrival, as they continue to struggle with their finances.

Dr. Phil's surprise for the family.



Spotlight on Brianne
Dr. Phil makes good on his promise to have Brianne sing on the show. She gets her chance to shine when she sings Can't Hurry Love by the Supremes. Her performance brings Stacy to tears, and the audience to their feet.