Continuing his work with a family in crisis, Dr. Phil turns his attention to Martin and Erin, uncovering the problems that are crushing their 17-year marriage. Will they be able to move past Martin's infidelities and Erin's inability to express emotion and relinquish control?

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Anatomy of a Marriage
Erin was prepared to ask her husband Martin for a divorce when their 15-year-old daughter, Alexandra presented the news that she was pregnant. To get through this family crisis, the couple is considering staying together.


Dr. Phil delves into the emotional weight of Martin's two affairs and Erin's control issues.


Can They Make It Work?
"As far as saving our marriage, that's going to take a Herculean effort on both our parts," Erin says. Martin is more optimistic that they can rebound from the pain and live happily as a couple again.



See what advice Dr. Phil gives the couple.