The Pros and Cons of Motherhood

Dr. Phil helps 15-year-old Alexandra, who is just weeks away from delivery, weigh the pros and cons of keeping her baby or placing him for adoption. He also takes a closer look at how Martin's painful past reinforces his strong belief to keep the baby.
What Have You Missed?
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An Adoption Roundtable
To help Alexandra decide whether to keep her baby or place it for adoption, she talks to three teens: one who was adopted, one who placed her baby for adoption and another who kept her child.


Alexandra listens to their stories. 



What Will Alexandra Decide?
"If you were going to trade life situations with one of those three girls, who would you want to trade with?" Dr. Phil asks Alexandra after her meeting with the girls.



Has Alexandra changed her mind about the future of her baby? 


Martin's Story
Dr. Phil goes one-on-one with Martin to uncover his true motivation for encouraging Alexandra to keep her baby.




What's behind Martin's desire to keep the baby?



The Family Reacts to Martin's Story
After learning of Martin's harrowing past, his family has some thoughts they want to share with him.




Erin, Katherine and Alexandra address Martin.