In the six-month checkup of the "Dr. Phil Family," Dr. Phil uncovers how Marty and Erin met, and also gives each family member a chance to recount their experiences on the show so far.

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How it Began
Erin and Marty recount how they met.




 Was it love at first sight? 


The Sisters Speak
Alexandra and Katherine recount the experiences they've had being part of the show.




Are their lives different now?


Where They Are Today
Marty and Erin explain how they've changed since they first began working with Dr. Phil.



Have things changed for the better?


Viewers Confront the Couple
Marty and Erin field the questions of several passionate viewers.




How will they defend themselves?



Friends' Point of View
Jenifer and Jessica, good friends of the family, reveal what they see when the cameras aren't around.



What is the family really like?