Dr. Phil does a six-month checkup with the Dr. Phil family. He discusses Alex's recent dating that has the family up in arms, and Marty and Erin look at the status of their marriage.

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The Family Meeting
Alex's recent dating and her desire to return to her teenage life is upsetting her family. They have some strong words for her.


Tempers flare.


Alex Defends Her Decisions
Alex talks with Dr. Phil and gets a chance to stand up for the choices she has made.


Hear what Alex has to say.


Advice for the Family
Dr. Phil advises them how to proceed forward in a positive way, emphasizing the important role Marty and Erin need to play in Alex's life.


What needs to happen next?



Marty and Erin's Marriage
Dr. Phil looks at the results of their homework assignment, and what the answers mean for the future of their relationship.

What did they discover?