Over 90 percent of divorces are settled out of court, but Amy and John's tumultuous breakup is not the norm. Go into the courtroom as the final verdict is handed down, and see the advice Dr. Phil gives them for ending their old relationship and starting a new one.

See what's happened so far:
Anatomy of a Divorce, Part 1
Anatomy of a Divorce, Part 2

Reaction to the Second Show
When the last show ended, the mud-slinging between the two sides did not.

Amy wants Dr. Phil's "full attention."


Pre-trial Meeting
John, Amy, and their attorneys meet to settle the final division of the property. While they agree on most things, Amy won't budge on one issue.


What didn't they decide on?


At the Trial
John and Amy head to court for the judge to decide on the one remaining issue. Afterward, Dr. Phil questions the attorneys about the necessity of this fight.


See the final breakdown of their settlements.



John and Amy have been assigned a parenting coordinator to help them make decisions about their children, but Amy doesn't think they need one. She shocks everyone with an offer for John.


Dr. Phil's advice for their new relationship.



DrPhil.com Exclusive
After the show, the audience gets a chance to talk with Dr. Phil about John and Amy's children.

What you didn't see on the show.

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