Shows like The Swan, Extreme Makeover and Nip/Tuck prove that more and more Americans are obsessed with plastic surgery. Dr. Phil talks to guests who say they love their new looks, but are their drastic transformations costing them family and friends?

Double Jeopardy
Matthew and Michael are 21-year-old twins who went under the knife to look like Brad Pitt. Their mom is concerned that they want even more surgery.



"You guys have changed the wrapper, but you haven't changed what's in it," Dr. Phil says.



Overly Sexy Wife?
Cherie had nine cosmetic surgery procedures and loves to show off her new body. But her husband, Randolph, says she dresses like a slut.


"I'm not going to change," says Cherie.


An Issue of Trust
Lori thought that losing 150 pounds and getting plastic surgery would please her husband Bill. So why does he now think she's going to leave him?


Lori's letter to her husband.


Still an Ugly Duckling?
After Rachel reigned as "The Swan" on Fox's controversial makeover show, she felt more confident than ever. "I never want to go back to being the ugly duckling," she says. 


 Hear Dr. Phil's thoughts on her makeover.


A Challenger's Challenge
After Weight Loss Challenger Monika went on Extreme Makeover, she says she was happier than she'd ever been. But her husband Sam said, "It's just not you."


How is Sam coping now?