If you knew right now " at this very minute " that the way you are parenting your children could be scarring them for life, wouldn't you want to know? Dr. Phil shows you which parenting style may work best with your child's personality.

Too Strict Dad?
Jennifer says her husband, Justin, is too rough on their three children. He uses his belt, a paddle and says harsh words right in their face.

"If Justin continues, I'll pack my bags."



Separate but Equal?
Brenda and her husband, Phillip, worry that they're raising completely opposite sons. They fear that praising one child could hurt the other.



"You've checked out on your son," Dr. Phil says.



Raising the McGraw Boys
Robin recalls how she and Dr. Phil used different styles to raise their two very distinct boys, Jay and Jordan.

It's been the most rewarding job," she says.


Cleaning House
Julie says she's a strict teacher at school, but she can't get her three kids to clean up their rooms.

Why isn't her parenting style working?