How far will some people go to be thin? From taking drugs to having unwanted sex just to burn calories, these guests are willing to put their lives in jeopardy.

Heart Attack at 16
Cassie, 21, has been consumed with being skinny ever since she was 13. Her drastic measures to stay thin have divided her family and brought them all the way from Australia for help.


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Dividing the Family
Cassie's eating disorder is tearing her family apart. Her parents are in conflict over how to deal with it, and her younger sister is tired of Cassie being the center of attention.


Cassie's family speaks out.

Update: Dr. Phil follows up with Cassie.



Hooked on Diet Pills
Nicole, 24, takes up to 24 diet pills a day to keep from going back to the 300 pounds she once weighed. Though she loves the attention she gets as a size 6, Nicole knows she's putting her life on the line.


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Dr. Phil explains more about the dangers of diet pill addiction.

Update: See how Nicole is doing now. Exclusive
Dr. Phil takes questions from the audience about what's next for his guests, and what people can do at home to prevent this from happening to their children.


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