"Our Kids Can't Stand Each Other!"
Imagine a new group of people moving into your home, into your personal space, eating your food and having to take orders from a new parent! This is what approximately half of the families out there are going through as they face the extreme challenges of blending two households. Can Dr. Phil's guests come together?


Under One Roof
Lou and Dina met through their two daughters, who used to be best friends. But now that their combined family of seven lives under one roof, everyone's becoming enemies.

See the heated family meeting.

Relationship on the Rocks?
Although Lou and Dina want to stay together, they question whether they should get married because their children don't get along, and their different parenting styles keep them in constant conflict.

See their story.

The Kids' Turmoil
Feeling that their lives are falling apart and that they're unwelcome in the house, the children reveal their struggles in a blended family.

Is this happening in your home?

Lou's Plea
After having been unable to get in touch with his ex-wife in over two weeks, Lou is desperate to locate one of his daughters, and asks Dr. Phil for help.


Where is Rachel's mother?