Women are telling Dr. Phil and O, The Oprah Magazine that they want better sex in their marriages and they want it more often. Dr. Phil has advice for putting romance and intimacy back in your relationship.

A Candid Conversation
During a roundtable discussion, five women talk about what they want, and why they feel they have not gotten good sex in their marriages.

What do they wish they were getting?



More Adventurous Sex
Kelli wants to keep her husband, Dan, sexually satisfied, but his desire to bring another person into their bedroom is tearing them apart. Dan is frustrated and has given her an ultimatum.

Can this marriage be saved?


No Time for Sex
Tammy is the mother of two young children and is so busy during the day, she is too tired to desire sex with Dennis, her husband of seven years. Dennis wants more intimacy and romance between them.

Can they come to a compromise?

Extra Content

For more of Dr. Phil's advice on this topic, pick up the October issue of
O, The Oprah Magazine.

  • Michael Baker Ph.D.