All summer long, people have been asking about the Dr. Phil families: "Are Marty and Erin still together?" "Did Stacy have a boy or a girl?" "How is Alex adjusting to motherhood?" Both of the families are back for a checkup.

Will Alex Leave Home?
After 16-year-old Alex had a fight with her parents, she threatened to leave with her 10-month-old son, Nathan. "I think I can survive," she says.


Will she leave home?



Marty and Erin's Marriage
When the summer began, Marty and Erin weren't sure their marriage would last. Are they still thinking about calling it quits?

"I wanted to end our marriage," says Erin.



The "Wild Child"
Last year, 14-year-old Katherine was getting into a slugfest at school and letting her grades slip. Erin worries that she will turn into an "angry teenager."



What's behind Katherine's behavior?



Baby Number Six
Over the summer, Stacy and Chris welcomed a new baby into the family. "We're so blessed," says Stacy.

 Meet Chris and Stacy's bundle of joy.


Bohdan's New Life
Stacy took Brianne on her first visit with Bohdan, the baby Stacy placed for adoption. "I missed the whole first year of his life," says Brianne.

How is the family adjusting?



Michael's Future
Stacy sent her 12-year-old son, Michael, to Happy Hill Farm, a school for at-risk kids. Is he still being aggressive?

Dr. Phil follows up with Michael.


Blended Family Blues
One of the biggest problems in the family was Brianne's relationship with her stepfather Chris. Have they closed the gap?

Dr. Phil's advice to Brianne.


No Longer in Crisis?
Chris and Stacy have dealt with infidelity, the threat of bankruptcy and a baby from one of her affairs. Are they still in dire straits?

Chris talks about his family's future.



Both Families Meet
The families are introduced for the first time, and Dr. Phil shows how much baby Nathan has grown.

"You've touched a lot of lives," says Dr. Phil.


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