Are your kids testing you every day? Dr. Phil sheds light on dealing with kids who bite, steal, or can't keep their clothes on!

Cursing 4-Year-Old
Karen and Matt's son has picked up a shocking vocabulary filled with swear words. How do they stop this bad habit? 


Where did he get it from?



Sticky Fingers
Eric and Patty's 8-year-old son has been taking things from friends and neighbors since he was 4 and they're worried it will only get worse.


How to stop it.



"Little Dracula"
Miren and Scot say their 19-month-old son's cute little teeth are causing a whole lot of damage! How can they control their biter?  


What Dr. Phil recommends.



Playing Naked
Two moms want to know: Is it normal for their 4-year-olds to get naked when they're playing? And how do they stop it?


Dr. Phil reassures. Exclusive
After the show, Dr. Phil takes questions from the audience. See his thoughts about a people pleasing child and dealing with teens. 


What you didn't see.