Would you know if your child were in crisis? Is your teen just moody or could he be using drugs? Is your child being bullied and not telling you? No parents should ignore these hot warning signs.

Lying and Stealing
Yvette and Archie's teenage son, J.R., has stolen from work, been suspended from school and crashed his brother's car when he doesn't even have his license! They're afraid he will end up in prison.


"I'm a good kid who makes bad mistakes," J.R. says.



Daughter in Distress
Jesse and Veronica's 15-year-old daughter, Erika, used to be loving and close with her family, but now she's skipping school, lying to her parents and doing drugs.


What's the stern warning Dr. Phil gives them?

DrPhil.com Exclusive
After the show, Dr. Phil speaks with the audience and gives more advice to the parents.



What you didn't see.

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