How many times have you looked at someone and thought, That cannot be normal? How many times has that person you're looking at been your spouse? These guests want Dr. Phil's opinion on their loved ones' strange and unusual behavior.

Angie's Ark
Ron never knows what animal he's going to find when he comes home. With 63 pets and a fortune spent on animal food and vet bills, he wants Dr. Phil to tell his wife, Angie, "Enough is enough!"


Is Angie trying to fill some unmet need?



"Not Just a Game"
When Vicki's fiancé, Peter, isn't playing one of his eight sports, he's watching them on TV. Vicki wants to know, is she selfish for wanting to spend more than one hour a week with her future husband?



See what Dr. Phil thinks.

Update: Is sports still #1?



A Big Joke
Erika says her husband, Giovanni, is the most immature person she knows " including her toddlers! He wears his pajamas in public, tells inappropriate jokes and constantly embarrasses her.


Is he being insensitive?


Can't Save for the Future
Justin says his fiancée's shopping habits are keeping them from walking down the aisle. She bounces checks, maxes out their credit cards and buys designer shoes instead of paying the rent.


Dr. Phil makes a deal with Lacy.

Update: Justin's surprise.


Hygienically Challenged
Kesha calls her husband, Mark, the "biggest slob in America," and is tired of picking up after him. She can even smell him "a mile away" because he rarely showers or brushes his teeth!


See Dr. Phil's surprise for Mark.

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