Postpartum depression (PPD) overwhelms women with dark feelings of despair, leading them to not only contemplate hurting themselves, but also harming their own babies. Dr. Phil provides tools to help PPD sufferers and their loved ones out from under this dark cloud.

"It's Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde"
Lisa wants to be a good mother, but she has thoughts about harming her 6-month-old son, Owen, such as putting cleanser in his formula or stabbing him. "You would think I'm awful and evil," she cries. 

Dr. Phil's advice to Lisa.


Update: A year and a half later.



Risking It Again?
Martha's ordeal with PPD led to bankruptcy and divorce. She remarried her husband, Cory, and wants to have another child, but he doesn't want to go through the pain again. 


Will Cory change his mind?



Suffering in Silence
Edrienne Carpenter, who was recently crowned Mrs. United States, shares her story.

Edrienne speaks out.