When Dr. Phil first met this family, their house was filled with yelling, screaming and name-calling. Dr. Phil checks in to see if Jackie has calmed her raging temper, if Zoli and Derek are speaking to each other and if the kids are following the new house rules.

A New Parenting Plan
Zoli and Jackie say things have changed since Dr. Phil's visit, but they still have a long way to go.

"Now that the rules are strict, I just feel resentment toward it," Nicole says.


Raging Mom
Jackie can't control her temper and is constantly yelling and screaming. She finally acknowledges the truth about the root of her anger.

"There are days when I can hold my temper, and there are days when I just can't," Jackie says.


Too Little, Too Late
Sixteen-year-old Nicole doesn't like the new family rules and thinks it's not right for her to be reined in after so many years. Dr. Phil's son, Jay, has a special message for her.


Jay's message to Nicole.


Learning to Trust
Dr. Phil sends the family to an adventure course. After climbing trees, swinging over a lake and sharing secrets, they start to understand what family really means.


What did they learn about each other and themselves?


Behavioral Contract
Dr. Phil suggests that Jackie and Zoli create a behavioral contract with their children's input, so that they will be able to enforce rules and consequences without feeling guilty. 

"You should have the right to earn the things you've negotiated for," Dr. Phil says.